Melinda Wray

Builder, Texas Flip N Move

If two’s company and three’s a crowd, then four is a homebuilding hootenanny. Making up a quarter of Gary’s girls— Melinda— brings oodles of design experience to the table. When the chips are down, and the flip is on, there is no better designer to have in your corner.

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Steps to a Hootenanny

Step 1) Head to the Texas Flip N Move Store at:
Step 2) Get ya’ some.

Laying It On Thick

What better moment than now to empower a child by telling them, “You have what it takes to ‘do it yourself.’”

Shaking the Etch A Sketch

Sometimes, when I hit a conceptual wall for a redesign, I take a break and go to the museum. It’s like shaking an Etch A Sketch. When I struggle for inspiration, it helps me to go see the works that others produced when they were inspired. Here’s a photograph I took the other day at the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth. It’s a great example of what flipping is all about. With a little well timed inspiration, you can freshen up old objects and put a little life back into them.

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